Jan 07 2010

Risotto ai 1’s e 0’s

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Risotto ai 1’s e 0’s

Ingredients for two people

1 Medium onion (red or white, as you prefer. I use red.)
120gm Squid or squid rings
120gm Prawns – your favourite type but huge, meaty king prawns work well in this. Thaw them before use.
6 Largish mushrooms and one medium mushroom, or equivalent.
6 to 8 Frozen asparagus spears
150 gm Arborio (risotto) rice
400ml Vegetable Stock
100ml White wine
1/5 Teaspoon white pepper
1/5 Teaspoon ground dried lime peel (or some lime zest & juice, to taste)
Butter and olive oil


This is a proper risotto and, after you start adding the stock to the rice, requires standing at the stove for 10 - 15 minutes. You can't leave it for more than about 30 seconds! It has to be Arborio rice - nothing else makes a proper risotto although you can get a rough approximation to it with other types and it will still taste good. Continue reading "Risotto ai 1’s e 0’s"

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